We have been designing homes for over 20 years. We stay with current design trends by working directly with builders, buyers and listening to them. We also have been awarded ‘best of show’ in local Parade of Home shows. We are approved professional home designers through AIBD. New home design and custom addition designs is all we do, and have become quite “Good” at it. We design all our plans to comply with IRC code for a quick, no hassle approval process. We recommend all plans be reviewed by a professional engineer and can have our engineer review and approve any plan or you can choose one yourself.

Our preliminary process includes:

  • Design of the Floor plans
  • Drawing (Blueprint form)
  • Preliminary 3-D Rendering in color, all 4 sides
  • Front elevation line drawing

Our final layout process includes:

  • IRC Compliant
  • Final Floor plans with revisions
  • Foundation plan
  • Exterior Elevations/Roof Plan
  • Cross Sections and Details
  • Window Schedule
  • PDF Booklet of Prints

New Homes Pricing

  • Project Fee: $150.00
  • Preliminary Layout: Billed @ $0.35 per SQ FT
  • Final Layout: Billed @ $0.40 cents per SQ FT
  • 3 -D Exterior Renderings: Included at no extra charge
  • Interior Renderings: Contact Us For Pricing 
  • SQ Ft is calculated as heated sq foot of finished and future finished space

Custom Addition Pricing

  • Project Fee: $150.00
  • Preliminary Layout: $750.00 +/-
  • Final Layout: $700.00
  • Hourly Rate: $75.00
  • 3D Exterior Renderings: Included at no extra charge
  • Interior Renderings: Contact Us For Pricing 
  • Additional mileage charges for meetings greater than 10 miles from our office.
  • Each layout includes 2 hours of changes/meetings, any additional time will incur an hourly charge of $75 per hour. We can meet at our office, email, or a live conference video call.

Prints / Copies

  • 11” x 17” size: $0.50 per page (3/16” scale)
  • 12” x 18” size: $1.00 per page (1/8” scale)
  • 24” x 36” size: $3.00 per page (1/4” scale) 

3-D Renderings / Brochures

  • Exterior 3-D Model: Starting at $250
  • Interior 3-D Model: Contact Us For Pricing 
  • Marketing Brochures: Billed @ $75 per hr
  • Future Home Design: Free Estimates
  • Custom Advertising: Free Estimates 


Fees for engineering vary on a per project basis and are needed for some projects and townships for code compliance. Engineering can be provided through Goody’s Home Design or the client may choose to have the final print sent to the engineer of their choice.